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Notes for Friday 1 May 2015
Ards Camera Club Annual Exhibition 2015

Ards Camera Club launched its annual exhibition on Friday 1st May in the Georgian Gallery, Ards Arts Centre. The exhibition runs until 23rd May and is a culmination of all the hard work and talent displayed by club members throughout the year. The exhibition was judged by Northern Ireland Photographic Association (NIPA) President, Martin Spackman ARPS. Martin commented on the diversity of prints on display and gave some constructive feedback on the winning prints.

Irvine Ferguson walked away with the award for ‘Top Print’ for his image entitled “The Librarian”. Winners in the general section were Irvine Ferguson 1st place colour “The Librarian”; Patricia Mackey 1st place mono “A Mother’s Arms”; and Linda Hutchinson 1st place projected image “Aurora at Ballintoy Harbour”. Winners in the advanced section were Daria Casement 1st place colour “Feather”; Daria Casement 1st place mono “Physics Lights” and Rusty Adair 1st place projected image “The Lone Tree”.

The winners of the 2014-15 Club Competition were also announced. Winners in the general section were Irvine Ferguson for colour prints, Carole Watson for mono prints and Linda Hutchinson for projected digital images. Ted McKee won all three of the advanced photographer sections.

Ards Camera Club meets formally from September to May and organizes informal outings throughout the summer. For information on how to join the club, visit the website www.ardscameraclub.co.uk or like them on Facebook www.facebook/cameraclubards or email ardscameraclub@yahoo.co.uk

'The Librarian' 1st Place General Colour by Irvine Ferguson
and Winner of TOP PRINT of Exhibition

'Physics Lights' 1st Place Advanced Mono by Daria Casement

'Aurora at Ballintoy Harbour' 1st Place General PDI by Linda Hutchinson

'A Mother's Arms' 1st Place General Mono by Patricia Mackey

Notes for Friday 6 February 2015
'A Night with Sinclair Adair' - David S Adair

There was a full house at Ards Camera Club on Friday 6th February to celebrate Sinclair Adair's 91st birthday. Friends old and new heard about Sinclair's experiences and career as an amateur and professional photographer going back to the 60's and 70's.

Sinclair brought a selection of prints taken over the decades and explained the techniques he used to create beautiful work long before a computer was even dreamt of. He also showed an audio visual presentation of his more recent work as even in his 90's he is still learning in the digital age and creating impressive and unique images which still achieve international acclaim.

Thanks to the generosity of friends we had a lovely party supper including a triple layer chocolate birthday cake kindly donated by the Tesco Community Champion.

Ards Camera Club member Sinclair Adair celebrates his 91st birthday.
L-R: Mervyn Mackey; Leslie Armour; Colin Thompson; Linda Hutchinson;
David S Adair 'Sinclair'; Stanley Matchett.

Dates for your diary:

13th February Friday: Member's night. Irvine Ferguson has agreed to share how he created the Magic Circles winning print from the last Open NIPA competition. We will also photograph all things romantic so bring props!

18th February Wednesday: Print Battle Ards v City of Belfast at City of Belfast P. S.

20th February Friday: Anne Given - Collecting Letters (e.g. CPAGB and LIPF)

25th February Wednesday: Celebration evening of the Over 50’s Project funded by the Arts Council and Ards Borough Council. All friends and members welcome to see the final work. Light supper.

25th February Wednesday: NIPA Adjudication Round 4 Hosted by: Bangor and North Down Camera Club at Fountain Centre, Queen's Parade, Bangor. BT20 3BJ

27th February Friday:
Club competition and NIPA inter-club entry, Round 5; Landscape/seascape

Website: www.ardscameraclub.co.uk
Facebook: www.facebook.com/cameraclubards
Email: ardscameraclub@yahoo.co.uk

Notes for Friday 23 January 2015
Club/NIPA Competition Round 4
Subject: 'Open'
Judge: Vittorio Silvestri

Notes for Monday 19 January 2015
NIPA Annual Novice Competition

Regional success for Ards Camera Club Novices

Ards Camera Club had an amazingly successful evening at the Northern Ireland Photographic Association’s Novice Competition on Monday 19th January. A large group of members were at the Bangor and North Down Club to cheer on our photographers. Out of over 300 photographs judged from across Northern Ireland, Ards Camera Club had 4 photographers out of the top 12. Only Ards Camera Club and Catchlight Camera Club had 4 photographs each in the final shortlist of the best prints.

As the Judges delivered their decisions and some advice for the novice photographers, we were delighted when Club Chair Linda Hutchinson’s entry “Decayed Dreams” was commended and Patricia Mackey’s “Structure” was highly commended. Then Irvine Ferguson’s “The Librarian” was awarded joint 3rd place in the colour entries and Cathy Paraskevas, was awarded joint 2nd place with her delightful portrait of a little dog entitled "Walkies".

'Walkies' by Cathy Paraskevas
2nd Place - NIPA Novice Competition 2015

Linda Hutchinson Ards Chair commented “As well as being a very successful evening it was great to see so many members coming out on a freezing night to take part and this reflects the friendly supportive atmosphere within the club. A particular thank you must also go to Leslie Armour for having more confidence in our work than some of the novices ourselves and encouraging us to put our work forward for such a prestigious competition.”

Full details of the winners are available on the NIPA website.

Dates for your diary:

23rd January Friday:
Club / NIPA Open Round Competition

28th January Wednesday: Last evening of the Over 50’s Project with the Arts Council and Ards Borough Council

30th January Friday: NIPA Adjudication Round at BPIC, Lorne St, Lisburn Road, Belfast (no meeting at Ards Club)

6th February Friday: A Night with Sinclair Adair

Website: www.ardscameraclub.co.uk
Facebook: www.facebook.com/cameraclubards
Email: ardscameraclub@yahoo.co.uk

Notes for Friday 12 December 2014
Club/NIPA Competition Round 3
Subject: 'Structure'
Judge: Mark Allen

Notes for Friday 24 October 2014
Club/NIPA Competition Round 2
Subject: 'Open'
Judge: Brian McKenna CPAGB

Notes for Friday 26 September 2014
Club/NIPA Competition Round 1
Subject: 'Open'
Judge: Bob Given DPAGB